Leaniar’s Test Automation: Enhance Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Elevate your operational capabilities with precise, efficient automated testing.

Envision reducing your operational costs and avoiding significant disruptions from system failures in production—where inefficiencies drain resources and risk millions in losses. With Leaniar’s Test Automation solution, you’re not just meeting industry benchmarks; you’re setting new ones, staying ahead of costly system downtimes and leading the competition by ensuring every process is rigorously validated before deployment.

What is Test Automation?

Test Automation involves using specialized software to control the execution of tests and comparing actual outcomes against predicted outcomes. This method reduces the need for manual input, increases coverage, and enhances consistency across testing protocols.  In fact, The inefficiencies from manual testing and potential outsourcing issues can waste up to 20% of an individual’s monthly hours.


How It Works?

Leveraging Leading Technologies for Deeper Insights

Advanced Tools: Utilize the UiPath Test Suite, integrating advanced automation in test script execution.

Pre-built Scripts: Access over 200 ready-made automated SAP test scripts focusing on critical processes to streamline testing.

ERP Integration: Seamlessly integrates with major ERP systems like SAP and Oracle, ensuring comprehensive coverage and visibility.


Benefits of Test Automation

Transform Your Operations with Speed and Precision

Quick Identification: Automated systems rapidly identify and rectify errors, significantly reducing the testing cycle time.

Resource Efficiency: Automation cuts down the manpower needed for testing, freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the financial burden of manual testing by minimizing human errors and operational disruptions.

test automation process

Real Results, Real Fast

Discover how adopting Leaniar’s Test Automation has transformed businesses by streamlining testing processes. Our clients report not only faster testing cycles but also significant reductions in costs and improved performance.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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