Mastering Automation in Life Sciences with Leaniar

Life Sciences is uniquely challenging due to its highly regulated nature, with rigorous audits by authorities like the FDA and European regulatory bodies. The demand for exhaustive documentation and strict adherence to SOPs is unparalleled. Every procedural deviation, every action taken outside the established SOPs, can lead to severe repercussions, including substantial fines and operational shutdowns.

Identify and Standardize
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Automate Testing
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Automate Processes
Do you need to intelligently identify and implement key automation opportunities within your life sciences processes?
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Process Discovery



Consider the power of complete visibility into your processes, where every operational aspect is optimized for both efficiency and compliance. This isn’t just about passing audits; it’s about surpassing expectations and establishing your company as a model of operational excellence in the life sciences field.

Overview – Leaniar’s Process Identification Automation targets 100% of critical processes for optimization which are crucial for maintaining seamless, compliant operations. This serves as the foundational “100” for the life sciences sector, meticulously designed to ensure every operational process not only meets but exceeds regulatory standards.

Complete Process Visibility: Provides comprehensive insights into all operations, optimizing every aspect for efficiency and compliance within the stringent demands of the Life Sciences sector.

Advanced Tools: Utilizes UiPath Process Discovery or SAP Signavio for an in-depth analysis, ensuring every process aligns with SOPs and regulatory frameworks.

Identify and Optimize: Targets 100% of critical processes for optimization, crucial for maintaining seamless, compliant operations.

Integration with Key Systems: Seamlessly connects with essential systems like SAP and MES to enhance operational transparency and maintain real-time, audit-ready records.

Audit Preparedness: Provides interactive, real-time documentation necessary for demonstrating compliance during audits and managing deviations effectively.

Proactive Compliance: Ensures operations are not only compliant but also optimized for efficiency, transforming compliance challenges into competitive advantages.

Test Script Automation



Test Automation is not just beneficial; it’s essential in Life Sciences, where precision and regulatory compliance are paramount. Leaniar’s Test Automation ensures that every system update and process adjustment not only meets but exceeds the stringent requirements of the industry, instilling confidence that every change advances your operational integrity seamlessly.

Overview: Leaniar’s Test Automation Utilizes the UiPath Test Suite to automate the most critical test scripts, 60% of all processes, dramatically reducing manual testing requirements and operational downtime with a focus specific to validated systems.

Pre-built Test Scripts: Leverages over 200 pre-built test scripts tailored to the Life Sciences sector, enhancing testing efficiency and reducing the time needed for manual validations.

Documentation and Compliance: Ensures meticulous documentation and validation at every testing phase, crucial for meeting rigorous regulatory standards.

Efficiency Gains: Automates and streamlines testing processes, with companies potentially seeing efficiency improvements of 50-70%, minimizing reliance on manual labor and expediting compliance.

Risk Mitigation: Reduces the risk of production disruptions that can lead to millions of dollars of losses, providing a robust framework for operational reliability even during critical updates and system upgrades.

Process Automation



By automating routine tasks, “the 30%” of an organization’s automatable processes, our solution fosters an environment of continuous improvement, enabling Life Sciences organizations to remain adaptive and competitive in a highly regulated industry.

Overview: Leaniar’s Tailored Process Automation for Life Sciences utilizes the UiPath Intelligent Automation platform, incorporating AI, ML, and software ‘Bots’ for seamless process integration. We also incorporate insights from previous phases like Process Identification and Test Script Automation that intelligently identifies and implements key automation opportunities.

Complex System Integration: Tackles the multifaceted ecosystems of Life Sciences operations by pulling data from multiple sources and streamlining integrations across manufacturing and warehouse lines.

Operational Excellence in Manufacturing and Quality Systems: Focuses on crucial areas such as asset compliance, maintenance schedules, and complex data entry in Device History Records (DHRs), enhancing both manufacturing and quality control processes.

Error Reduction and Efficiency Gains: Automates data capture from instruments, quality checks, and reduces manual data entry errors, crucial for maintaining high precision in operations.

Adaptive Solutions for Dynamic Operations: Facilitates efficient third-party coordination and adjusts to demand shifts, ensuring seamless operations and communication with vendors.

A Commitment to Excellence 

Our focus has always been on driving success and excellence. The 100-60-30 framework isn’t just a methodology; it’s a partnership aimed at elevating your company to the forefront of the life sciences sector. It’s about building a legacy of innovation, efficiency, and leadership.

The Decision Point: Embrace Strategic Excellence

The opportunity to transform your life sciences operations is here. The 100-60-30 framework is more than a solution; it’s a strategic advantage. Are you ready to step up, to align your operations with the pinnacle of industry standards? Let’s embark on this journey to excellence together.

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