Helping You Automate Faster!

As the world accelerates, are slow process identification and automation holding you back?

Leaniar’s proprietary 100-60-30 solution accelerates your automation journey with AI-powered precision.

Process Identification

Struggling to Identify and Standardize Your Critical Processes?

Unlock the full potential of your operations with Process Discovery Automation. Discover how it’s not just about compliance—it’s about setting benchmarks and staying ahead.

X-ray Vision for Operations

Spot bottlenecks and opportunities with unprecedented clarity.

Advanced Tools

Utilizes UiPath and SAP Signavio for deep data analysis.

Beyond Compliance

Aim higher than standards; redefine them in your industry.

ERP Integration

Works seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, and more to cover every angle.

Test Automation

Tired of the High Costs and Delays of Manual Testing?

Automating your manual test scripts can dramatically reduce both time and money spent on testing. Here’s how moving away from manual processes can streamline your operations and cut hidden costs.

Reduce Direct Costs

Save on the expenses associated with software and labor in manual testing.

Minimize Disruptions

Avoid operational delays and keep your subject matter experts focused on their primary roles.

Control Risks

Lessen dependency on outsourced testing to avoid misunderstandings and potential production issues.

Enhance Efficiency

Automate to eliminate inefficiencies caused by manual testing.

Improve Testing Accuracy

Automation ensures consistent testing coverage without the variability of human error.

Process Automation

Looking to Pinpoint and Automate Key Processes in Your Operations?

Identifying and automating critical areas within your processes can significantly enhance efficiency and reduce revenue delays. Discover how focusing beyond the obvious choices can transform your operations.

Target Critical Areas

Start with processes that impact revenue or consume excessive resources.

Reduce Revenue Delays

Address inefficient processes that are holding back your earnings.

Continuous Improvement

Keep evolving with ongoing analysis and updates to automation strategies.

Expand Automation Reach

Look beyond initial areas to fully leverage automation benefits.

Strategic Implementation

We help you make smart decisions on where and how to automate.

Discover how 100-60-30 works for the following industries: